Artists' Statement


Artist's Statement

I observe what I see from the outside and inside of myself in order to synthesize elements of time and eternity into a vision that at times expresses ambiguity, and other times, concrete form. There is a place that I call the “borderland,” that exists between the conscious and the unconscious. This is the land where potentials arrive from the heights and the depths to be transformed into actuals.

The interplay of these events embodies a creative force that can be used for destruction or construction and combination of both that is not easy to define, but is a product of growth and transformation. The borderland is where the soul sits, from this vantage point there is a universal language that can bridge the illusionary gap between areas like art/science, chaos/solution, and human/divine. My paintings are an expression of spirit connecting forces synchronized with time, all branching back into the Father. I refer to my paintings as Spiritual Weapons of Mass Construction.