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Fourth “II de Nittis” Biennale


Eric Anthony Hinds is honored to be participating in a continuation of the exhibition titled “Rooms of the Memory” following the one at Castle Svevo. This manifestation will take place at the Barletta Castle in the city of Barletta Italy. The exhibition will begin on June 30th and run through July 15th 2007. These exhibitions are a product of the Fourth “II de Nittis” Biennale. “Culture a Confronto”, the theme of the Biennial, divided between Barletta and Trani, assumes even more importance because at the same time there will be the official opening of the Pinacoteca/Art Gallery De Nittis inside the Palazzo della Marra where there will be an important exhibition in which Pierre August Renoir and Federico Zandomeneghi will confront Giuseppe De Nittis, the art master (Barletta 1846- Saint-Germain-en-Laye 1884). De Nittis is one of the few Italian artists to be able to enter the current of international impressionists, and he has managed to perfectly join his regional and Italian past with the artistic needs acquired in his long stays aboard.